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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Homeport uscg mil dapi

Instructions and Help about Homeport uscg mil dapi

Fast response cutter 154 feet capable of speeds in excess of 28 knots crew size of about 24 25 it's got what we call a stern launch boat which is which is really game-changing in terms of our ability to put small boats at Crete a key enabler to commission successor and this is a very capable we called over the horizon boat can operate quite a distance from the cutter it's got a sophisticated command and control capabilities so we're very excited to bring the 28th ship of this class to the waterfront the crew of the Nathan Brooklyn fall is going to be involved in the wide range of Coast Guard missions they'll do a lot of law enforcement that's a fisheries enforcement that's potentially drug enforcement most of that works a little further south so her principle operating area will be along the Virginia North Carolina coastline but a ship of these capabilities we may deploy it anywhere so it could be doing drug operations deep in the Caribbean it'll be doing security ports and waterways coastal security missions and and we'll see it's it's capable of covering much of the spectrum of Coast Guard mission East cutters at 154 feet or 44 feet longer on the waterline so it's a more seat more capable sea keeping ship so we can operate in a more you know extreme sea cave weather cases the stern launch boat that I mentioned earlier is just really a lot easier to launch in the water and what's safer you can put the boat in the water and much more challenging sea state condition so it just gives us the ability to do more things and then with a bigger crew the 110 foot Highland class patrol boat which serve the Coast Guard remarkably well since the mid-80s there's still a couple of service or great ships but with 24 25 crew members on board versus 16 you just got a lot more endurance sometimes a limiting factor of a patrol boats capabilities is the is a human capital the endurance the cruise just get visibly QC fatigue you're standing watches all the time whether you're in the engine room whether you're on the bridge doing the command and control whether you're up going over the side and the small boat doing boarding so the additional sailors digital Coast Guardsmen really are part of that addition capability as well.

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