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Merchant mariner credential verification Form: What You Should Know

G., passport); AND, b) (i) Meet a minimum entry standard for operating a vessel under U.S. Coast Guard jurisdiction; (ii) Do not have more than 500 cumulative days in Federal, State, or foreign employment; and, (iii) (v) Must pass all appropriate examinations required by USCG or USCG-S. 5. Retention: Applicant must maintain a current MMC for at least ten (10) years from the date the certificate is issued. For an application for a merchant mariner credential, the MMC must remain valid for a minimum of 10 years from the date the Certificate has been completed. For an application for a merchant mariner credential, the original is acceptable for ten (10) years, provided that the Certificate of Completion has not been cancelled. How to Apply for a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC). Step 1: Application Checklist Complete applications are accepted at Regional Examination Centers (RCS) via mail, e-mail, fax, or in  Application for MMC (Form CG-719B) 4. Certification: Applicant certifies that the information provided is true and correct. Every person who applies for an original MMC must first take an oath. (1) A person who applies, or attempts to become an issued MMC must: a) (i) Be a United States citizen of good moral character ; and, (ii) Not be prohibited by federal law, and any other state law, from working as a merchant mariner; AND, (iii) Be at least 16 years of age; and, (iv) Not be adjudged incompetent, and, (v) Have an acceptable photo (e.g., passport); AND, b) (i) Meet a minimum entry standard for operating a vessel under U.S.

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FAQ - Merchant mariner credential verification

How is Square going to give out merchant accounts with minimal verification while still preventing fraud?
I have commented on this point in a number of other threads on Quora.Square has bought into the concept of the PayPal model of granting anyone with an email address (more or less) a merchant account.There is very flawed thinking if it is believed this comparison is even in the same galaxy.Remember when you complete a transaction with PayPal, you are taken to a verifiable location on the Internet.u00a0 When you hand over Your credit card to a Square merchant there is no way you can be sure what takes place while they have your card.u00a0 Sure it can be argued you can wait for an email, but this is not practical. Of course any number of frauds can be presented in that situation, not least of which is Skimming.There is also no effective way for Square to fully protect from the cut of a thousand razors (small fraud transactions from 1000s of merchants).Finally, as someone that has worked in the payments industry for 28 year, it is clear to me that Square has farmed out fraud management to the upstream.u00a0 This is a huge failure point and if they are mildly successful it may take years to recover from the negative momentum this mistake may create.Fraud is not a software management solution, it requires something just a little old fashioned,u00a0 many, many people.
How long did it take you to get your MMC (merchant marine credential) or Z-card?
A US Merchant Mariners Credential (previously know as a Z card and more recently known as an MMD) is obtained essentially by paying the associated fee and passing the thorough background check.Due to this background check the expected time to be approved or denied and to receive the credential will vary to each individual.In my case with no record of illegal activity or any other marks, if I can recall correctly, was approved in 7 days where then I waited perhaps another week for the document to arrive.When applying for the credential I have been told wait times can very up to 30 days or in some cases even longer.
I have cleared class 12. I want to apply in the merchant navy as a marine engineer. In filling out the IMUCET application form. What should I fill for, PG or UG?
What are the forms to be filled out to get into the merchant navy?
Merchant Navy is a very generalised term and there are different departments and different ranks. I am answering to this question assuming you want to join as sailing staff.Firstly you have to decide which department you want to join.For joining as an Officer.Deck Cadet and Engine Cadet also known as Trainee Navigating Officer and Trainee Marine Engineer respectively you have to appear for IMU-CET (Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test) held twice a year. Apart from this you will also have to secure a sponsorship with a company in order to engage in onboard training upon completion of the course for which you will have to appear Company specific tests, interview and medical examination, individually for each company you are applying. If you clear these two then you will be selected to undergo training course.If you want to join as Trainee Electrical Officer you need to apply to company directly for the pre-seatraining course.For more info regarding eligibility criteria, procedures and general info you can checkout other answers in my profile.For joining as a crew/rating :Appear for entrance exam conducted by reputed institutes offering 6-months G.P Ratings course.Upon completion of course you will be placed onboard for training by the companies coming for campus placement or by your own efforts and later promoted based on performance.Request an edit if you want more specific answers on any part of this answer.
What paperwork do Marine recruits have to fill out?
Hey Allison Choi. First thank you for the question. Any applicant looking to enlist into the Marines would complete whats called an enlistment package. Now there is a lot that goes into that package. Anything from police history, medical history, as well as various policies that the Marine Corps has to include policies on drugs, gang affiliation, our Core Values (Honor, Courage, Commitment), etc. I hope this answers your question a little bit. I just got off of recruiting a couple months ago.
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