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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Uscg sector new york homeport

Instructions and Help about Uscg sector new york homeport

This is the Coast Guard Sector command center it's where they manage all Coast Guard operations from search and rescue to security the Coast Guard is responsible for tracking every Bonin ship that comes into New York Harbor a vast region that starts ten miles south of the Verrazano Bridge all the way up the Hudson River past the George Washington Bridge they ethat's one major vessel every eight minutes in terms of the mission of the Coast Guard how do you sum that up for us I mean put put quite simply our job is to ensure the safety and security of this port and that's the safety and security of the hundreds of billions of dollars of cargo the tens of millions of passengers and the thousands of recreational boaters that move on this waterway throughout the year captain Tama shows me the port from a vantage point in fort wodsworth he tells me the job gets bigger every year with the region's population growing and no major new roadways being built waterway traffic is an increasingly popular alternative and so was the potential for problems in danger everything from boating accidents to toxic spills and terror threats our missions fall under three three buckets and its really safety security and environmental protection so Greg what is this room this is the vessel traffic service here we manage all the ships and tugs and tows they come in and out of the port in New York and New Jersey Hitchin who was a Coast Guard veteran and now a civilian employee says one third of the United States gets its goods and products through the port of New York in New Jersey they're prepared for any incident or emergency with established protocols we coordinate on a daily basis with NYPD the fire department as well and also with the New Jersey law enforcement entities if we see a problem Hitchin gives us a closer look at how they keep security tight and the waterways safe once every eight minutes someone's calling us the towers that they're they're either entering the port or they're getting underway from their pier and leaving the port he says the CF cam was going to check in as well Coast Guard Operations Specialist first class mark antoine jean works at 12-hour shift he keeps his eyes focused on monitors that show everything moving on the water in the port what they call the AOR an acronym for area of responsibility on channel 11 this initial check in any of the vessels are going to be commuting in our area wor what coming into our arrow are required to check-in on channel 11 we're providing them any significant advisories as well as traffic that will affect their transit the monitors show not only what's moving but also where boats and ships our doctor anchored like parking spots on the water what's going on right here so well is on channel 12 radio.

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