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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Uscg sector map

Instructions and Help about Uscg sector map

Puget Sound is a pristine natural resource with hundreds of inlets bays and tributaries there are five species of Pacific salmon abundant waterfowl and marine mammals such as seals and whales abound in its waters as the Department of Homeland Security's lead maritime safety agency the US Coast Guard operates vessel traffic center commonly known as Seattle traffic or VTS from its facilities at pier 36 on Seattle's waterfront Seattle traffic was commissioned in 1972 and originally given the mission of reducing vessel collisions and groundings in order to protect this fragile environment from releases of petroleum and other hazardous cargoes Seattle traffic's humble beginnings include taking position reports over the radio from voluntary participants and pushing wooden ships around on a chart board Seattle traffic has continuously improved the equipment and procedures for managing and enhancing traffic order and predictability on the waterways Seattle traffic center is continually being updated with advanced communications radar automatic identification systems or AIS and vessel traffic operations support systems a shared display of vessel icons from the neighboring vessel traffic centres in Canada over a proprietary system today Seattle traffic manages waterways covering 3500 square miles making it the largest vessel traffic service in the United States the Seattle traffic area stretches from Olympia in the south to the Canadian border in the north to the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean to the west the Canadian Coast Guard operates two vessel traffic centers that work and trained with Seattle traffic tow phenol traffic center is located at Euclid British Columbia on the west side of Vancouver Island responsible for managing the waters west of the entrance of the Strait of Juan de Fuca the other Centre in Sydney BC on the east side of Vancouver Island known as Victoria traffic is responsible for vessel traffic north of race rocks preceding apparel and Georgia Straits okay the free vessel traffic centers communicate via a computer link fax and telephone line each Center is responsible for advising each other one hour before a vessel will pass between their respective zones the shift in management from one country to another is virtually seamless and transparent to the user since 1979 the u.s. Coast Guard has continually improved service to the Mariner by working with the Canadian Coast Guard to manage vessel traffic through an extremely successful agreement that established the co-operative vessel traffic service or CVTs both countries work together to enhance our interoperability in order to successfully manage and continuously improve traffic management within their heavily traveled waters our result is that each country manages vessel traffic in a portion of the other country's waters with the ultimate goal of making the transition from one Center to the next as transparent as possible to the Mariner the agreement international procedures and ongoing work bring consistency to vessel traffic management regulations policies and day-to-day procedures the Canadian and US Coast Guard's use an integrated three-part approach to waterways.


In times of war, is it possible to send USCG cutters as warships?
In times of war, is it possible to send USCG cutters as warships?nThe US produced massive amounts of B-17 bombers during the second world war yet only a few dozen are left intact let alone in working condition. What happened to all of them?n
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