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Uscg inspected vessels Form: What You Should Know

T.) is also valid in cases where a vessel is in- bout to be inspected if the vessel has been in the United States for less than one year (i.e., the island of Guam, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico or other U.S. possessions or territories). [54 FR 33305, June 20, 1989, as amended at 80 FR 59077, Nov. 20, 2024 (Nov. 4, 2015)] This application must be signed by, and must include the names and the last 4 digits of, the name of each owner of the vessel and a description of the vessel which must include the following information: (1) A description of the vessel. (2) The registration number (or if not an owner's name, the legal description of the vessel such as a yacht) if it has a current registration certificate. (3) On-board identification. (4) If a vessel's name includes “owner”, “owner/title”, “ship” or “.com” or any word with those three letters or abbreviations in the first and last characters (e.g., “C-S-L-I.com, “A&W,” “C&O), then the vessel is being registered by an individual who is either the owner or a “ship's true owner”. [54 FR 33305, June 20, 1989, as amended at 81 FR 25441, June 25, 2024 (June 26, 2016)] (5) The name, street address, and telephone number of the owner or (6) If the vessel's name includes a specific reference such as “.com” (i.e., “.com marinas”, “com marination”), or any word containing two letters or two or more zeros (e.g., .com marina or .com marina marinas) or “.com,” (i.e., “com marinas by Robert,” “com marinas by Robert F.,” or “.com marination”), then that vessel is being registered by the owner (who must be the person designated by the vessel operator). Form CG–3752 must be signed on the application form in writing. [29 FR 8303, July 29, 1964, as amended at 32 FR 1747, Feb.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Uscg inspected vessels

Instructions and Help about Uscg inspected vessels

In this session you'll learn how to schedule a courtesy vessel safety check at no charge with a qualified US Coast Guard Auxiliary or United States power squadrons member serving as a vessel safety examiner you'll learn how a vessel safety check will improve your understanding of the purpose of marine safety equipment and how it applies to federal state and local regulations and you'll learn how your experience with a vessel safety examiner can not only help ensure that your vote is safe from bow to stern but also add to your enjoyment of voting what problems are we trying to avoid not having proper numbering registration or documentation for your boat failing to have required lifejackets on board not having proper equipment to make visual distress signals from your boat failing to have necessary fire extinguishers ventilation systems or backfire flame arrestor is not having a sound producing device or navigation lights failing to have a pollution or MARPOL placard and where applicable not having a compliant marine sanitation device failing to have operational navigation lights and overall not maintaining your boat in safe condition including a deck free of hazards a clean build as well as electrical fuel and where applicable heating and galley systems properly secured so how do we do it right first call eight seven seven eight seven five six two nine six or visit WWF TCL net to contact a local vessel safety examiner and schedule a vessel safety check next ensure that your boats registration number is properly displayed in block letters contrasting with their background at least three inches high on the forward half of both sides of your boat with spaces between the numbers and letters and have your current registration document available be sure there is a US Coast...