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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Uscg port status

Instructions and Help about Uscg port status

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Is USCG Port state control?
The Port State Control Division (CG-CVC-2) develops and maintains policy and standards, for the prevention activities of the Coast Guard to achieve Marine Safety, Security, and Stewardship mission success.
Where do I send my USCG medical certificate?
Any application for a medical certificate that is submitted with a CG-719B (MMC and medical certificate) must be submitted to an REC. Medical certificate applications can be submitted to the NMC via e-mail at. MEDAIP@uscg.mil.
How long does it take to receive MMC?
We've been seeing about 5-7 weeks for our customers' to be holding their new MMC. This is with a perfect application that is flawless and putting everything in the order the USCG REC and National Maritime Center evaluators prefer.
How long does an MMC last?
This policy only applies to the renewal of an existing MMC not applications for an original issue MMC. All Coast Guard issued licenses and documents must be renewed five years from the original date of issuance or last renewal.
How long does it take to get USCG medical certificate?
NPT is the total time the Coast Guard spends processing the application and does not include the time waiting for information from mariners. The NMC has set a NPT goal of 20 days. Medical Certificate throughput is a ratio of the total number of applications finished divided by the total number of applications received.
How long is USCG medical certificate good for?
The National Expiration Date governs the validity of your document. This date should be five years from the date the Coast Guard approved your last physical examination, unless a medical waiver is issued for a shorter period of time.
What is zulu Port condition?
(5) Hurricane Port Condition ZULU means condition set when weather advisories indicate that sustained gale force winds (39 1354 mph/34 1347 knots) from a tropical or hurricane force storm are predicted to make landfall at the port within 12 hours.
How do I check my merchant mariner credential?
To gain access to the information, a mariner can log onto http.//homeport.uscg.mil/, click on the Merchant Mariners tab, then on Merchant Mariner Application Status.
How do I check my USCG medical certificate status?
For the most current medical information available, please contact the National Maritime Center Medical Helpdesk, Marinermedical@uscg.mil, 1-888-IASKNMC (1-888-427-5662).
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