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Can you expedite a Merchant Mariner Credential?
The NMC will consider expediting cases when an employer verifies it is critical to operations or an applicant's employment. To request expedited service, contact the Customer Service Center at 1-888-IASKNMC (427- 5662).
How long does it take to get a merchant mariner credential?
The NMC has set a net processing goal of 30 days. Mariner Credential Throughput is a ratio of the total number of applications finished divided by the total number of applications received.
Where do I find my mariner reference number?
The mariner's reference number and the MMC's serial number are printed on the bottom of every page containing endorsement information and on all stickers issued to be added.
How do I find my MMC?
How to Apply for a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) Step 1. TWIC. Step 2. Submit Complete Application. Step 3. Transit from REC to NMC. Step 4. Application Evaluated. Step 5. Credential Printed. Step 6. Credential Mailed.
How much does a Merchant Mariner Credential cost?
Original MMC endorsement for a qualified rating. $45 (issuance), $95 (evaluation) and $140 (examination). Renewal of MMC endorsement for a qualified rating. $45 each for issuance and examination and $50 for evaluation.
How long does it take to become a merchant mariner?
It involves 26 weeks of classroom education and 360 days of sea time. The onboard maritime training reinforces and enhances the lessons learned in the classroom, so apprentices have many chances to get hands-on experience and put their new skills into action.
How do you expedite MMC?
After review of the initial submission date, the NMC will consider expediting cases when it is critical to vessel operations or an applicant's employment. To request expedited service, contact the customer service center at IASKMMC@uscg.mil.
How do I verify my merchant mariner credential?
If this happens, please contact the National Maritime Center via Live Chat, email, or call 1-888-IASKNMC (domestic US calls only) or from outside the U.S. (your country's exit code)-1-304-433-3400.
How long does it take to get MMC credentials?
We've been seeing about 5-7 weeks for our customers' to be holding their new MMC. This is with a perfect application that is flawless and putting everything in the order the USCG REC and National Maritime Center evaluators prefer.
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